Education Consulting & Advocacy Services

At Beyond Words, we go beyond working directly with your child to provide comprehensive consulting services that empower parents to become effective advocates for their child’s educational journey. We understand the challenges that parents face when navigating the educational system, and we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Our consulting services encompass a wide range of essential areas to ensure your child receives the support he or she needs.

Evaluation Process

We walk parents through the evaluation process starting with your initial concerns and request for evaluation. We then help you understand the results. Providing valuable insights, we help you make informed decisions about your child’s educational needs.

IEP Meetings

Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings can be overwhelming for parents. We will attend these meetings with you in person or virtually, offering guidance and support. We help you understand your child’s rights, ensure appropriate goals, accommodations, and services are included, and advocate for your child’s best interests.

School Placement

Finding the right school placement for your child is crucial. We offer expertise in navigating different educational settings and can help you identify schools that align with your child’s unique needs and learning style.

Advocacy at School

Unfortunately, the process is not over after the IEP meeting. It is imperative to ensure the IEP is being followed. Because of this, we are dedicated to advocating for your child’s needs within the school system. We work closely with teachers, administrators, and support staff to ensure your child receives the necessary accommodations and services to thrive academically.

Drafting Emails

Composing effective and impactful emails can be challenging, especially when addressing concerns or advocating for your child. We are skilled in crafting clear and persuasive communications, ensuring your message is heard and understood.

Referrals to Other Service Providers

We maintain a network of trusted professionals, including psychologists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists. If additional services are required, we can provide referrals to these specialists, ensuring your child receives the comprehensive support they deserve.

Parent Coaching/Training

We understand that supporting your child’s learning at home is essential. We offer personalized parent coaching and training sessions, equipping you with effective strategies and techniques to support your child’s progress outside of the classroom.

Homeschool IEP Support

Deciding to homeschool a child with special needs can be worrying, especially if they’ve been in public school. Questions arise about the need for a homeschool IEP to track progress. We assist in creating personalized education plans for your child. 

“I am so grateful for your insight and solutions! I am struggling with what is best for my son in middle school, so I appreciate you helping me find my way forward with more confidence. Thanks again for your helpful assisted technology tip of Google Read and Write! My son started writing his report over the weekend, saying, “I hate writing!” and then after the first two sentences using the technology you recommended, he said, “I am a genius! Can we keep going? I have more to say for the second paragraph!

Lindsey has years of experience working with families in special education settings. She is also a dedicated parent who values parents’ important roles in the education partnership between school and home. Her compassionate insight and dedication to strength-based solutions are inspiring!”

- A Past Parent

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Education Advocate
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